Stage7 had its origins in the Sydney based company, Kerr Data Systems circa 1980.
Its founder and owner, Graeme Kerr, began his software career in 1970 and rapidly moved from specialist support on IBM 360/370 mainframes to a long term career in commercial software development based on multi-value relational database technologies.  Stage7 Software Systems was registered in South Africa in 1992 to continue the development and support of a line of business applications originating from the 1980’s Kerr-Wells Optical Production System.

Today, the Company is a close knit shareholder partnership with a combined 50 years database solutions design and development experience. It specialises in web to warehouse integration using our proven backbone of stock and financial management software and  in document archive management.All its systems are central server (‘private cloud’) based and offer minimal network loading solutions.

Stage7 is a independent software developer and is the sole rights holder of the software which is made available under licence to the end-user clients or by rental agreement using Stage7’s own managed VPS network.

Our Motto: There is no substitute for experience


Businesses that have gained benefit from our Software:


Martin Wells Sydney,   Zeiss WG,   KPC-ATLAS,   Standard Vista Optical,   Safilo SA,   Spectacle Warehouse, Mullers Optometrists, Eagle Vision Optical,   Stanley And De Kock Optometrists,   Bertoli And Oakes Printers,   Specialist Holidays Group, Martin Wells, Optical Products, Bender UK, Prolab, Zeiss WG, KPC-ATLAS, Mellins, Deemster, Wizemans, Moscon Optics, Eastgate Optometrists, Bertoli & Bertoli, Standard Visa Optical, Safilo SA, Cornelius Vollrath & Brandsch, Pretoria Eye Institute, Stanley & De Kock, Sola Labs, LensCare, Specstyles, Optech Labs, Eagle Vision Optometrists, Spectacle Warehouse, Oakes & Asscociates, Luxottica SA, KFML, Specialist Holidays Group UK, Ferreira Kennedy Zwarts
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